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Chief Storyteller
Cori Chaffee
Executive brand-builder, marketer, growth strategist

A rare leader who is both tactical and creative, Cori understands that consumers need to FEEL something to take action ( to buy, to click, to join). Her superpower is capturing that emotion into high value content that converts. Harnessing concise objectives with layered storytelling tactics, she drives complex strategies that span all available verticals.


Born and raised in rural Kansas, Cori took the "can-do" farm-life attitude with her when she relocated to the Great Lakes area in her early 20's. There she earned her Bachelor's degree in Business (with a focus in Marketing) from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2007.


During the decade that she was climbing the ranks in International Sales and Marketing for AM General (home of the military HUMVEE), she was writing novels in her free time.  She built her Courtney Cole persona and brand from the ground up.

As Courtney Cole, Cori is now a New York Times bestselling author of over 20 novels, published by three of the Big Five publishing houses: Mira (Harper Collins), Grand Central Publishing (Hachette), and Gallery (Simon and Schuster), as well as independently publishing multiple novels under her own imprint, Lakehouse Press, Inc.  Cori continues to write and market her Courtney Cole platform in her free time.

After relocating to the south, Cori has worked in high-level roles in a variety of industries- but always focusing on her strengths: brand-building, communications and strategic vision. She knows what it takes to build a brand, and she treats every brand she is part of (employing the same passion, vision, and dedication) as though it were her own. 

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leadership style.

Cori is an INFJ, an ambivert who loves people, but recharges her batteries in the quiet. 

She is an i on the DiSC. 

Born in the tail end of August in 1975, she's a GenX Virgo with Leo tendencies. 


Cori has a very high emotional intelligence (EQ) and uses those skills to foster a sense of community in the workplace.

A natural cheerleader, she enjoys mentoring team-mates and fostering a positive environment, one where her teams feel comfortable to share, to brainstorm, and to create. 


Her favorite leadership tactic is to help her teams find a shared purpose, one that will get everyone pulling in the same direction, based on a shared goal, and with a sense of camaraderie. She enjoys finding hidden talents among her team and utilizing them in cross-functional ways that extend past the walls of their department, breaking down inter-company siloes. 


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