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"I want to be Cori when I grow up. She ran a company-wide marketing meeting on Monday mornings that left everyone feeling inspired, calm, and knowing what their next steps were.  I run my own meeting now, and I use her as my template- I want everyone to feel with me, as they do with her: Valued, respected, and inspired. People might forget what you do, but they never forget how you made them feel."   Rachel Reyes, Marketing Director, BRM Institute 


"When Cori and I worked together at 360Hoops, I was impressed with her every single day. Not just because she's good at her job (and she is), but because she is composed, tactful, and to be honest, working with her is like working with a hug. She has an authentic warmth about her that makes her a delight to work with.  On a side note, we had a very difficult CEO, and Cori never faltered, never flinched. I adore her."  Griselle Colon, VP Sponsorships, 360Hoops 


"I've never seen anyone like Cori. She's kind, she's creative, she cuts through BS like a knife.  She is sharp as a tack, yet charming to be around.  We have a few difficult people on-staff, and she worked with them with ease. Cori has an interesting ability to relate to absolutely anyone, making everyone feel important and heard. I give working with her a thousand stars."  Kayla Barnes, Chief of Staff, BRM Institute 

"If you are looking for an empathetic and innovative leader to work with, then look no further than Cori!
She embodies true leadership by putting the health and happiness of her colleagues and coworkers before anything else because she understands the importance of balance in life. Having her as a boss gave me a sense of safety to express my opinions, and also to try unique approaches.

Furthermore, she is not just focused on empathy, but also on innovative results. She came onto the team and immediately immersed herself in learning everything she could. From knowledge absorption, she developed multiple initiatives that radically improved the brand perception of BRM Institute. Coupling her fearless attitude with a great eye for copyright, she will bring success to whatever she puts her mind to."  Tom Kruse, Relationship Director, BRM Institute 


“When I needed someone to write copy for marketing collateral (brochures and one-sheets), I knew who to ask. Cori absorbed all of the old information, and spit out new brochures that were succinct, efficient, highly-engaging and effective. I was so impressed that I will hire her again and again.”  -Rick Alpaugh, Vice President, SupplyCore


“I don’t know how I survived before I hired Cori Chaffee. She almost seems to read my mind regarding things I envision- she’s able to know what I want before I even do. She’s highly efficient and creative: two things that I never before realized could go hand-in-hand.”

-Bruce Wisler, Executive Director, International Sales and Marketing,  AM General

"Cori Chaffee is an MVP. When I lost my passport in Kazakhstan, she had it handled in under three hours. I've never forgotten that. She handles trade shows like a champ, she treats everyone from the janitor to a crown prince in Saudi with the same level of respect. She's a breath of fresh air."  Greg Daniels, Executive Director, Government Contracts, AM General 


“I hired Cori Chaffee to lead my marketing department, with a singular goal of repairing our reputation in the field.  I was blown away by the outstanding work she did. I have since hired her to write monthly newsletters, articles, and podcast scripts for my speaking career.  She’s a true professional. I highly recommend.”

-John Manning, CEO, KMI International

"I had the pleasure of working with Cori Chaffee at AM General. When I came onto the team, she was the first to roll her sleeves up and show me the ropes. I watched her handle every foreign delegation who came in with grace and ease, and people around the world frequently asked about her. In fact, they do still.  She's one of those rare people who you never forget." Stephen Thomas,  Director of Sales, Europe/N.Africa region, AM General 

"Cori and I started at BRM Institute at the same time, on the same team, but eventually, our individual skills took us in different directions - her to Brand and me to Learning and Development. Despite being on different teams, during our tenure there, we worked closely together. Cori never ceased to amaze me with her energy, knowledge, and ability to pull her team together to accomplish amazing work under stressful circumstances. Cori is remarkable on multiple levels, with the ability to balance both creative and analytical work. And to boot, she's a fantastic writer. So much talent wrapped in a dynamic personality!" Diana Courtney-Smith, Chief Development Officer, BRM Institute 


On working with Courtney Cole (Cori Chaffee’s pen name):


“Courtney is a treasure. She’s open to critique, she’s witty and fun, she’s bright, she’s fast. I can’t say enough about her.”  -Amy Pierpont, Editor-in-Chief, Forever (an imprint of Hachette)


“I LOVE COURTNEY COLE. God, she can turn a phrase.” Lauren McKenna, Senior Editor, Gallery (an imprint of Simon and Schuster)


“Courtney Cole is on the shortlist of my favorite authors to work with. Why? Because she’s a professional. She’s creative, without drama. She’s fast, while still being meticulous. She turns around revisions faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. Lastly, her personality is like working with a hug. She's truly a gem."”  -Kathy Sagan, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Mira (an imprint of Harper Collins)




Praise for Cori Chaffee writing as Courtney Cole:


“With addiction being so pressing an issue for so many people today, Saving Beck is a must-read cautionary tale. It will rip your heart out but then leave you knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”  Nikki Sixx, New York Times bestselling author of The Heroin Diaries and Mötley Crüe bassist


"Courtney writes poignant and emotionally driven stories that prove again and again why she's the best at what she does." Author: Rachel Van Dyken, #1 New York Times bestselling author


"[S]corching hot... The pace and authenticity of Ms. Cole’s story, her vivid characterizations and commanding sense of place will please this author’s many fans and no doubt win her many more." Florida Weekly

Editing Recommendations: 

“What an honor, more so, a privilege to be able to work with Courtney. From her outstanding expertise, to her excellent insight added with charisma; she made my first editing experience a smooth ride. I admired her ability to dig beneath the surface. Thank you!” -Ta’She’Ana Banks, author of Cracked Foundation


"As a debut author, hiring Courtney Cole for professional editing was the best decision I’ve made. Her edits were thoughtful, timely, and respectful of my creative vision. I can now begin the querying process knowing that my manuscript is polished!" --Julie Anne Drake, author of I Would Rather Die

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