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About Courtney

Dear Reader, 

Like you, I'm a million different things.


✔️ Wife   ✔️Mom  ✔️ Author  ✔️Hula Girl collector  ✔️Harry Potter nerd. ✔️ Reader 

✔️Over-thinker  ✔️Insomniac ✔️INFJ 


  • I go into survival mode when tickled. 

  • I love Autumn, good coffee and clean sheets. 

  • I hate surprises. 

  • I love natural remedies, manifestation and meditation. 

  • I love walking on the earth in my bare feet. 

My motto in life is to live with grace. 

I've lived a life that has demanded strength, and from that, I've become strong. 

I believe that women are the strongest beings in the world- some just don't know it yet. If anything I have learned can help even one person, I will always share it.  



Feel it pulse in your veins. Open your eyes, swing your legs out of bed, and rise to meet your day. Don't worry about what the afternoon might bring you, focus only on this moment, this morning. Wear your dignity like clothing, radiate your confidence like the sun.

Because I know you're strong, because I know you fight battles that no one will ever see, I want to offer you a respite--  a couple of hours when you have your nose buried in one of my books. 

Even the strongest of steel needs to rest.  

When you're curled up with one of my books, rest and recharge.  You deserve it. 

Feel free to visit my blog anytime, and sign up for my Chin-up, Darling newsletter. I like to touch on topics that can help us well as share upcoming book news.  

Chin up, darling. Life is beautiful, and so are you. 

Rise up today. Get out of bed, off the couch. Put that eyeliner on. Apply that red lip. You are a woman of steel. You've got this.



XO, Courtney signature.png

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