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An update on Gunner

One of my most asked questions is: "How is your son Gunner doing?" If you've been following me for a while, or if you've read Saving Beck, you know that my oldest son Gunner struggled with addiction for about ten years.

It was a harrowing, awful, horrific time (there really aren't enough words to adequately describe it) but it is thankfully behind us.

Gunner has been clean since July 8, 2021.

We're immensely proud of him. He's got two little boys now, and he's thriving as he rebuilds his life. Is it easy? Heck no. He's got to undo a decade worth of damage-- to his finances, his career, his emotions, his relationships.... Addiction is a beast. A monster. It robs everyone of everything, and it takes work to overcome, and work to rebuild.

You have to really want it, and thankfully, Gunner finally did.

Although, he'll never be the same...the memories, the cravings, his guilt... it's something he carries. He has nightmares most nights, and during that first year, he woke up in a panic almost every night. I have scars, too. So does everyone involved.

I know that I'm fortunate. I am all too aware how many don't survive, and I will be thankful until the day I die that my son lived.


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