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Why I wrote Saving Beck

Recently, my book SAVING BECK released into the world. It's a book showing two points of view-- one from a mother, and the other from her teenaged son- as they battle some hard life events.

Saving Beck isn't a light fluffy read. But I feel it's important. Drug addiction has become a monster in America, and I wrote Saving Beck because I want to show how it can progress from using a drug, to consuming a person in raging addiction. It happens before the person can even fathom it.

No one goes into using drugs with the intention of becoming an addict. It's a whisper that becomes a deafening roar.

Saving Beck is emotional. It is heartbreaking, it is real, it is raw. But I truly believe everyone should read it, or a story like it. We all need to see what can happen. What IS happening, every day here in America.

I wrote Saving Beck in the hopes that it can save even one person. If it does that, then I am happy.

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