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How to tell if you're a total Harry Potter Nerd

I'll start right here by saying... I am a Harry Potter Nerd. I am. And I'm proud of it. (Also, I'm a Ravenclaw).

That's one way to tell if you're a HP nerd: You know what house you are. :)

Another way of telling... is... how much HP stuff do you own? In addition to cardigans and t-shirts, I have a dedicated Harry Potter hang-out room in the upstairs of my house. Yes, I know. You don't have to say it. But it makes me happy. And my kids, too. It's tucked away upstairs, so it's not like it's something guests see when they come over. lol. But it's probably my favorite room of the house.

It's not done, I'm constantly adding to it, and I'm currently considering some kick-a$$ Gryffindor wallpaper. But here is what I have so far.

Courtney's Harry Potter nerd-den

We frequently have Harry Potter marathons in our nerd den.

No nerd den would be complete without a Quidditch lamp.

I crocheted the Gryffindor blanket myself! (tip: Crocheting is great for stress!)

I made Hagrid's hut myself out of clay. It provided my family hours of amusement to watch me struggle! :)

Yes, this is Jensen Ackles in a Gryffindor robe. You KNOW he's Gryffindor. He's wearing mardi gras beads that I pretend is a time-turner. The Always painting behind him was created from our fingerprints. My kids and mine.. Not Jensen's. lol.

So this is my Harry Potter nerd den. I have lots still on my wish-list... like more funko pops, I want a red telephone booth bookshelf... I want Gryffindor wall-paper.... Yikes. I'm a nerd.

Oh! I forgot my tattoo! The last line of the series, with a phoenix feather. It's my son's handwriting. :)

If you find yourself doing any of this stuff, or thinking it would be cool to do... then you're probably a Harry Potter nerd, too. What house are you?


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