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Homemade Leave-In Conditioner

Omg, you guys.

So, one of my favorite things in my life right now, is blonde hair and red lipstick. This is only a slight problem since I am naturally a brunette. My father has luxurious glossy black hair, my mom has strawberry blonde hair... and that left me with mousy brown hair with just enough red undertones to make it hard to pull blonde when I get it dyed. Haha.

So. I take particular care with my locks. I try to only wash it every three days, and I air-dry it for 80% of the way before I finish with the blow dryer.

Anyway... I discovered last week that if I let my hair soak in coconut oil for hours before I had my hair bleached, it realllyyyyyy helped my hair stay soft. Yes, I went into the salon with my hair still covered in coconut oil. (I pulled it back in a bun and it just looked like it was wet).

It worked so well, that I started wondering if I could make my own leave-in conditioner at home. I researched and messed around- and came up with this:

-A base of Jojoba oil.

-Peppermint oil (to your liking)

-Rosemary oil (to your liking)

-Cedarwood oil (to your liking)

-Lavender (to your liking)

I don't have exact measurments, because I was sorta like a mad scientist, pouring this and that into a glass spray bottle. But guys, I put it in my hair when it was wet, and left it in, and my hair is SO shiny and soft. Plus, the peppermint feels nice and minty on my head-- AND it helps keep away headaches! So.. BONUS.

Also, these particular essential oils can also help repel ticks-- and in the summertime, that is a TOTAL BONUS!!

So, I just thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy!!



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