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Always my Baby

I saw this poem posted on the Facebook page of Someone's Child, and my heart stopped.

When I first saw my baby, I saw my future.

While I watched my child grow, I had dreams.

While my child grew into her teenage and then young adult years, I began to see the signs. When my child became an addict, I saw a person I did not recognize.

While I watched the addiction slowly destroy my child... I saw the dreams slowly fading. When I had to stand over my child for the last time and say goodbye...

I saw my baby.


I am so thankful that I haven't yet had to say goodbye to my son. While there is a tomorrow, there is hope.

No one can prepare you for the helplessness you feel when your child is a heroin and meth addict.

I am working hard on the screenplay for Saving Beck... I vow to continue to shine a light on addiction until everyone realizes what a terrible beast it is.

#addiction #addictionrecovery #recoveryispossible

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