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All the strong things.

I want to say all the profound things. The things that make you stand up, and raise your fist and roar.

Some days, though, I don't have the words. I feel them, they vibrate in my bones, and echo in my heart, and I feel them. I just don't know how to convey them.

That's ok. Feelings are the best words, anyway.

FEEL YOUR STRENGTH. Feel it pulse in your veins. Open your eyes, swing your legs out of bed, and shower with dignity, ready to face the day. Don't worry about what the afternoon might bring you, focus only on this moment, this morning. Wear your dignity like clothing, radiate your confidence like the sun.

Something I've learned these past couple of years... strength is in your mind. I know, it sounds cliche. But on days when I feel weak, when I allow myself to feel weak, I am weak. On days when I allow myself to roar, I'm strong. It's in my mind.

So, rise up today. Get out of bed, off the couch. Put that eyeliner on. Put on that red lip. You are a woman of steel. You've got this.


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